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Powerful PR Made Simple.

With more than a decade of experience providing solutions to streamline the day-to-day tasks of Public Relations professionals at both publicly traded and private companies, we understand the challenges and pain points of PR professionals. We know you're working with limited resources and are always striving to exceed expectations. Having the right solution to help you identify, reach and engage with key contacts is important to your professional success. Monitoring media coverage and measuring the impact of your efforts are integral to proving the value of public relations to your executives and stakeholders.

NASDAQ OMX MyMediaInfo is designed to address the public relations needs in your organization:
  Identify traditional and social media contacts using the industry's most accurate database
  Monitor editorial calendars and be alerted to upcoming deadlines
  Take control of your press releases from creation to distribution
  Create a Multimedia News Capsule for each of your campaigns to engage your audiences
  Monitor you media coverage
  Receive custom Media Measurement & Analysis reports

Why NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions?
  Data accuracy from the largest research team in the industry
  Subscription based pricing model - no hidden fees
  Ease of use with an interface designed for simplicity and speed
  Access to a team who will analyze and score the impact of your efforts
  Over ten years of experience providing PR solutions to public and private companies

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NASDAQ OMX MyMediaInfo is an integrated Web-based PR solution designed to help you efficiently identify, reach and engage traditional and social media contacts, and monitor your coverage across all outlets. Complement MyMediaInfo with our custom media measurement services to understand the full impact of your PR campaigns.