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Powerful PR made simple.

NASDAQ OMX MyMediaInfo features a user-friendly database that supports seamless workflow so your productivity increases and your time is spent talking to journalists, not looking for their contact details. Our media profiles include the most up-to-date, reliable data available so you can be confident your pitch is reaching the key influencers in your industry.

Media Contacts Database Features:

Your time is valuable. Spend it talking to journalists, not looking for their contact details. We list each contact once with all of the outlets they contribute to, rather than multiple times for each outlet, so you'll be able to find the media contact info you're looking for, build your list quickly, avoid double pitching, and have more time to build the relationships that are important to your success.

Feel confident in the freshness of your data with the largest in-house research team in the industry working for you. We review, update and timestamp each record to ensure that our media contacts database has the most accurate information available so you don't waste your time chasing contacts who have moved on.

Details make the difference. Our profiles have valuable information about your media contact that can help you create the perfect pitch. You'll also have access to your own private text fields so you'll be able to add any information you find helpful to each journalist profile, for your eyes only.

Keep your campaigns organized and track time spent with our easy campaign management feature. Organize your tasks by client or campaign so the information you need is always at your fingertips. You'll also be able to schedule follow-up activities, next steps and send targeted emails directly to individual contacts.

No interruptions. We know how important a continuous workflow is to your productivity which is why our database won't timeout while you're working. Once you login, you're set to focus on the things you need to get done throughout the day.

Our flat-fee pricing structure lets you plan your budget for the year without having to worry about those pesky costs that can pop up unexpectedly. We won't nickel and dime you for exporting contacts or sending press releases through our distribution tool. We're more interested in delivering a great set of tools to help make your job easier.

You're not alone. Our client support team is always ready to help through live chat, phone or email if you ever need them. And our research team is available to step in with affordable research service packages when you need a little extra help building your media contact list or with other projects from simple to complex.
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NASDAQ OMX MyMediaInfo is an integrated Web-based PR solution designed to help you efficiently identify, reach and engage traditional and social media contacts, and monitor your coverage across all outlets. Complement MyMediaInfo with our custom media measurement services to understand the full impact of your PR campaigns.